You can identify a bottle of fake champagne easily by simply observing the details outlined in this post.

The number of fake champagne in today’s wine market is at an alarming increase and the effect of consuming such chemicals can be very devastating.

Nobody wants to spend money buying a fake wine that is obviously a great danger to health. The relevant authorities are on their toes to clamp down fake champagne producers, but we can’t leave everything to fate, right?

When it comes to celebration, champagne is a necessity. All over the world, champagne is regarded as the mark of celebration, but what happens when you purchase a fake champagne for your party?

In this article, we have highlighted how you can identify a fake champagne in 5 simple ways.

5 simple ways to identify a bottle of fake champagne, even if you are not a wine expert.

1. Simply because a wine label has  Champagne written on it doesn’t mean that the wine is from France. The real Champagne will have the country of origin on the label, and that country of origin should never be California, Italy, Spain or any place other than France. In other words, if it’s not from France, it’s not a real champagne. Even if it is from France, but not from the Champagne region of France, then it’s not a real champagne.

2. It is expected that a bottle of real Champagne will have the name and address of the producer on the label, including the name of its town or village. There are reportedly about 400 villages where Champagne can be produced. Always take a closer look at the bottle of champagne you’re about to purchase, if you don’t find these things on the label, that’s a red flag.

A champagne label showing the name of the town where the champagne is produced.

3. There are so many wine producing regions that can boast of quality sparkling wines. There are Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, and some amazing sparkling wines from California and other parts of the world, but only sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France can be considered to be a real Champagne. Ever heard of the saying “all champagnes are sparkling wine but not all sparkling wines are champagne”.

Ruffino Prosecco wine label
Freixenet Cava wine label

4. Every Champagne bottle carries a Professional Registration Code. Most bottles of real Champagne either carry the letters NM or RM in the lower corner of the label.
These initials has a significant meaning and a very interesting one.
NM stands for Negotiant Manipulant, meaning the producer purchases grapes, juice or wine.

RM stands for Recoltant Manipulant and this means that the producer harvests and bottles wine from its own grapes.

Sometimes, you may find other symbols on the label such as RC, SR, ND or MA, which is not out of place. All of these symbols are classifications for other types of producers in Champagne.

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