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Here at Wine House Nigeria, we offer the best quality wines and an assorted range of alcohol beverages.


Wine House Nigeria is focused on providing you with quality wines at the best prices. We’ve stocked an extensive range of the World’s finest selection of tastefully refreshing wines for every occasion. We understand the ever growing love for wine in Nigeria.

We also understand the need for quality and great taste, which makes wine experience better and more enjoyable. In this regard, we have created a platform where you can get quality wines at the best prices.

We have everything to make your wine experience awesome. Check out our catalog and make your choice from our selection of vintage, luxury and inexpensive table wines to make your event exceptional.

While you focus on other aspects of your upcoming event, let us take care of the wine provision and service. We take pleasure in making your acquisition of wine stress free, with our convenient, fast and reliable services.

We don’t just care about our customers satisfaction, we also care about your well-being. Hence, all the wine in our catalog are rich in taste and healthy for consumption.


A question people frequently ask is how long they will have their wine fresh after it is opened.

How long a wine will last after opening depends largely on the type of wine and how well it is stored. 


It is common in most parts of the world to tag every wine that has bubbles, as Champagne. But is that correct? Let’s find out… 

According to the European law, the only labels that are legally allowed to bear the name “Champagne” are bottled within 100 miles of the champagne region in France.

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