A question people frequently ask is how long they will have their wine fresh after it is opened.
How long a wine will last after opening depends largely on the type of wine and how well it is stored. Table wine can last up to 5 days, while fortified wine can last up to one month.
As soon as the wine cork is pulled, oxidation begins. It is worthy to note that, oxidation is the enemy of wine. Though refrigeration has proven to slow down oxidation, it doesn’t stop it completely.
In the rare instance that there is leftover wine, you can drink an opened bottle for about three days before you start to notice it fading, though a slight change in taste is noticeable after the first day of opening. However, you must use wine stopper to keep it closed.
Another thing you should note is that personal taste and frugality are big variables in this case.
Here’s a tip – If you transfer the leftovers to a smaller bottle (where less surface area is exposed to oxygen), you might get some extra mileage out of it.
So it is best you transfer your leftover wine to a small bottle that does not expose your wine to lots of oxygen.
Have a look at this infographic for a graphical explanation of the topic.