Golfer’s Shot – 70CL (12 Bottles)


Be the man who doesn’t settle for anything less. The man who has an eye for details. The man who sets himself apart with a single stroke – Be the man.

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Golfer’s Shot is the quintessential drink for the man who has carved a niche for himself among his peers. It compliments his personality and his sense of success that stems from the fulfilment of ambitions in his life. Made with a sheer amount of consideration for quality, Golfer’s Shot is the perfect drink for all the sublime moments in life that are worthy of special celebrations.
Enthused by success, the brand takes its inspiration from the classic game of golf. The inspiration can be easily seen on the bottle’s edge which is carved out like a golf stick. Hints of golf ball can also be seen in the texture of the opening lid of its sober black bottle packaging. It also intrigues the mind of whisky lovers by showcasing the bottle silhouette.
Golfer’s Shot is a unique whisky matured in hand crafted oak casks creating a rich golden colour and intense character, where the smooth taste marries the right blend to create an experience that reflects your own sense of style and achievement. Indulge yourself to experience this outstanding blended whisky elevating you to a higher level of sophistication. The very first sip reveals the bold blend of flavours and the aged malts elevating your palate with woody notes and gives you a satisfying experience.
It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the occasion called life, your life. Raise a toast to your success with the ultimate Golfer’s Shot.
Tasting & Serving:
Golfer’s Shot is best tasted in a tulip-shaped glass, which narrows at the top to allow the aromas to fully express themselves. Add a drop of water to the whisky to release the aromas and appreciate the full bouquet of a golfer’s shot whisky.
The pristine nature of the blend can be seen in its unique colour, which is warm golden with a glint of amber.
A whisky connoisseur is delighted by the blend’s complex aromas of dried fruits, spices and fudge.
The blend pleases your taste buds with flavours of dark chocolate along with flowery notes and just the adequate hint of smoke.
The finish is persistent and slightly smoky.


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