Olmeca Gold Tequila – 75CL (12 Bottles)


Enjoy a Tequila that brings energy to every night that dares to claim itself golden. Enjoy golden moments with Olmeca Gold.

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Olmeca Gold is a blend of young and aged tequilas, matured in white American oak barrels, resulting in a slightly sweet tequila with a hint of smoke.
Olmeca Tequila is hand-crafted using authentic, traditional methods in the heart of Los Altos, Mexico. Pouring a pale straw colour, the nose is expressive with white pepper, grain and floral notes; the palate is full and powerful with distinctive coconut balanced by flashes of hot cinnamon on the finish.
Olmeca Gold is a unique tequila made of hand-harvested and selected premium agaves. It is a smooth tequila, yet full of personality and the perfect party drink due to its great mixability characteristics.


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