Richadiere Red Wine + FREE Hipflask

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Get a FREE Liquor Hip Flask when you order 3 bottles of Richadiere red wine. A wine for matured people, with a very balanced aftertaste. Pairs perfectly with grilled meat, fish, swallow and a host of Nigerian delicacies.

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Richadiere Red Wine is a dry sec red wine that can pair very well with grilled meat, fish, rice, swallow and so many Nigerian dishes. This is a nice all-day purpose wine with a very lovely aftertaste. It is a red wine for matured people and it is not so sweet. You will enjoy the taste of Richadiere Red Wine.

If you love sweet things, you may not love this wine, but if you love matured wine with quality taste and a good balance on your tongue, Richadiere Red Wine is the right wine for you.


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