Fake wine is one of the many epidemics that has befallen the global wine market, not just Nigeria.

In recent times, so many wine lovers have stopped drinking wine at public events, weddings, and even picnics.
They fear that the wine may be fake and as such, would be very catastrophic to health.

Most of the fake wines are made in Nigeria, while many others are made in foreign countries and smuggled into Nigeria.

Some areas in Nigeria, especially in Lagos state are well known as places where fake wines are sold regularly.

In recent times, the relevant authorities have arrested some fake wine producers and closed down the factories where these wines are made.

In this post, we have made a list of 6 places that are well known for the production and sales of fake wines in Lagos.
The information you get here will guide you the next time you wish to purchase wine so that you don’t end up buying fake wine that would cause great danger to your health.

1. Aboru
Towards the end of 2018, the Lagos State Police command uncovered an uncompleted storey building where fake wines and some Assorted beverages were being brewed.
In the course of the operation, it was reported that 4000 bottles of adulterated wine of different brands and 1000 empty bottles of popular wines were recovered from the illegal brewery.
Aboru is an area in Oke Odo, around the Iyana Ipaja/Abule Egba region of Lagos state.

A picture of fake wine factory uncovered in Aboru, Lagos.
Fake wine factory in Aboru, Lagos.

As reported by Vanguard, according to the Lagos state commissioner of police, Imohimi Edgal “On December 18, 2018, at about 2pm, the command received credible information that there exists a fake wine/ brewery in an uncompleted storey building at Aboru area of Oke Odo, Lagos, where assorted wine and alcoholic beverages were being produced.
“Based on the information, I directed the Area Commander, Area P, Alagbado to mobilize to the scene, search and seal off the factory. When the team arrived the scene, they executed a search warrant which enable them to search and recover the following items: 4000 bottles of already produced, packed and labeled adulterated wine of different brands. 1000 empty bottles, drums of different sizes and various chemicals and reagents used as raw materials and other tools used in the production of fake wine/ beverages.

2. Mushin
Sometime in April 2018, on Good Friday precisely, the Lagos State Police arrested a fake wine seller in Mushin. 
Benjamin Ojukwu was arrested at the popular Ojuwoye market in Mushin. On his arrest, Ojukwu revealed that he learnt how to make wine and spirits in China.

Fake wine sellers arrested in Mushin, Lagos.
Fake wine sellers busted in Mushin, Lagos.

In a post published on Linda Ikeji Blog, the suspect Ojukwu was quoted saying… “I was in China to learn how to mix and produce wines and hot drinks and when I got back to Nigeria in 2015, I started my own business in Nnewi, Anambra state. I had to relocate to Lagos to start afresh when my factory got burnt.”

It was also reported that Ojukwu confessed to have been refilling branded bottles with his own products so that consumers can patronise him till he is able to promote his brand.

3. Agege
Another area in Lagos notorious for the sales of fake wine is Agege. Sometime in October 2018, one Mr Emmanuel Nwodu was nabbed by the Police. He was arrested along Mosalashi market, Sango Agege, with alcoholic drinks suspected to be adulterated.

On further interrogation, Emmanuel confessed that he produces the drinks in his one-room shop at Mosalashi market, Agege.
He later led operatives of the Nigerian police, Pen Cinema Division, to the said shop at Mosalashi market where he mixes the concoctions to make fake alcoholic drinks.

Fake wine producer in Lagos

A search warrant was executed and items recovered from his production outlet includes:
Two 30 litres of chemical, suspected to be ethanol.
Two cartons of Elders Aromatic Schnapps, suspected to be fake.
Fifty one (51) small bottles of Chelsea dry gin, suspected to be fake.
Thirty-five (35) pieces of Chelsea cork.
Five(5) labels of Lords, Chelsea and Elders alcoholic drinks.

4. Ikorodu
It was reported some time ago about a fake brewery in Ikorodu area of Lagos where adulterated stout and malt were produced. That’s not the last that was heard of Ikorodu.

In October 2018, another illegal factory was busted, this time, it was a fake wine producing factory, being operated by Ifeanyi Udeh, a 32 years old man.

He was intercepted during a stop-and-search exercise by the men of the Nigerian police in Agbowa, Ikorodu area of Lagos.

Fake wine in Lagos

When interrogated, Ifeanyi confessed to producing the adulterated drinks.
The policemen visited the suspects apartment and recovered 50 cartons of adulterated alcoholic drinks and other range of beverages.
Ifeanyi confessed to the policemen that he had produced 254 packs of the alleged adulterated wine, adding that he had yet to register the product with relevant authorities.

5. Apongbon
Whenever fake wines or any range of fake alcoholic drinks are mentioned in Lagos, the most popular place that comes to mind is Apongbon.
A visit to the market area will reveal the display of varieties of wine at the Apongbon under-bridge. A larger percentage of the wines displayed there have been reported to be fake, by various wine consumers.

In Apongbon area, wines are quite cheap compared to the prices of the original drinks. This is so because the cost of making good wine is more expensive compared to the fake wines being sold at a very cheaper rate.

These fake wines can be seen placed side by side with the original wine and this act makes it difficult for consumers to identify which among them is real or fake.

So many bad reviews are littered on the internet space by wine consumers who have had negative experiences as a result of the wines they purchased at Apongbon.
Apongbon is regarded by many as the hub of fake alcoholic drinks in Lagos.

6. Idumota
Just like Apongbon, Idumota is a very popular market on Lagos Island and has been tagged by many as a harbour for many fake products, including wines and other range of alcoholic beverages.

We advise that you be cautious of the places you buy wine from.
The increase in the number of fake wine producing factories in Nigeria, especially in Lagos state is worrisome because of the health implications of consuming such harmful chemicals.

We, therefore, advise the general public to be very careful about what they drink and the places they purchase wine from.

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Any wine you buy from Wine House Nigeria, you’re assured of 100% authenticity. No fake, no adulteration, everything is original and direct from the certified, verified and licensed wine makers.

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