All you need to know about golfer’s shot whisky in Nigeria, including the price and the best ways to enjoy your whisky.

Have you been asking questions or you probably always wanted to know the prices of drinks, especially the price of golfer’s shot whisky in Nigeria? This post is for you.

Golfer’s shot whisky is a product of Alcobrew Distilleries India Pvt. Ltd. 

Alcobrew is one of India’s top liquor manufacturing companies that started operations in 2005. The company is a home for reputable whisky brands in Nigeria, such as White & Blue, Golfer’s Shot and White Hills. 

Golfer’s shot whisky is currently one of the most soought-after whisky brand in Nigeria and the price is very affordable considering the fact that the demand is high. 

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Unit price for golfer’s shot whisky in Nigeria is N2500. You can get it here.

Carton price for golfer’s shot whisky in Nigeria is N28,000. You can get it here.

The pristine nature of this whisky drink can be seen in its unique colour, which is warm golden with a glint of amber. It’s complex aromas of dried fruits, spices and fudge, is a delight to every whisky lover.

An interesting feeling you get in the mouth when you have a taste of golfer’s shot whisky is that it pleases your taste buds with flavours of dark chocolate, along with flowery notes and just the adequate hint of smoke.
Who wouldn’t love such a classic taste and what price would be too much to pay for such a lovely whisky blend?

One of the best ways to enjoy this lovely blend is to add a drop of water to the whisky to release the aromas and appreciate the full bouquet of your favouite whisky.

The prices quoted in this article are the current prices of Golfer’s Shot Whisky as at when the article was published. Please note that prices are subject to change at any time due to price fluctuation in the drinks market. We would try as much as we can to update the prices whenever a change occurs.

Always remember to enjoy responsibly.