Wine Condoms business reportedly believed to be worth over a million-dollar.

Wine Condom has become a growing industry which has attracted great attention from Wine lovers all around the world.

In 2014, Mitch Strahan and his 51-year-old mother Laura Bartlett, started their Wine Condom business; a product which they described as “the ultimate protection for wine lovers”.

Targeted at wine drinkers who desire to reseal their unfinished wine, each disposable latex “condom”, developed by a rubber company specializing in food, was made to adapt on any bottle, hence it could be used on any kind of wine bottle. Wine Condom is such an amazing concept, don’t you think so? 

The product idea was birthed after Bartlett returned home from a neighbour’s house one night with a bottle of wine sealed with clingfilm and rubber bands, making it appear like a condom, but this time, a Wine Condom.

Noticing how strange the seal appeeard to be, Strahan jokingly stated that it looked like a Wine Condom. Some months later he decided to have his own product and cash in on it. Such a genius and daring adventure. 

In 2014, the pair of Strahan and his 51-year-old mother raised $7,500 from Kickstarter, which they invested in the launch of Wine Condoms, a brand that runs with the tagline: “Screw the cork, use a condom”.

It turned out that the amount wasn’t enough to get their dreams of producing a Wine Condom off the ground, so Strahan’s single mother, Bartlett, sold her house and moved into another apartment in order to fund the business.

Over the years, Wine enthusiasts have bought Wine Condoms in large quantities and sold a pack of six for about $100. 
Wine Condoms have become so popular and there’s a claim that they are 99.9% effective in preventing unplanned wine spillage.

Unlike actual condoms which are used just once, Wine Condoms can be used more than once and it offers real-time protection to unsealed wines. 

The pair of Strahan and his mom sells a pack of six for about $15. That is to say that there are six Wine Condoms in one box.

According to the pair, “Wine Condoms are the easiest, most fun wine stopper you’ll ever use. Simply open the package and roll it over the top of the bottle. Once applied, it will help preserve the wine, prevent spills and best of all, it’s reusable.”

Indeed, Wine Condom might sound weird but it is a business that has proven to be lucrative and has fetched millions of dollars for Strahan and his 51-year-old mother, Laura Bartlett. 

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